Available Downtown Monroe Area Properties

(Sorry, this page is currently under construction.  Please contact the Downtown Department if you have property Downtown that you would like listed.)


 109 S. Main St.


 This property is currenty leased and is now Stone Table Restaruant



 102 Franklin St.

John Ashcraft



 111 S. Hayne St.

RW Price




 120 S. Main St.




 107 S. Main St

Marion Holloway




 218 - 219 Hayne St.

Mary Helen Treece



 104 S. Main St.

Brown & Glenn

 This property is leased and is currently Hilton Vineyard and Wine Bar


 128 S. Main St.

JR Shute Company

 This property is leased and is currently Studio Boutique.


 216 S. Hayne St.

John Ashcraft



 206 N. Hayne St.
 Suite A

Jim Raban



 201 N. Main St.

John Wiggins



 103 N. Main St.

Joe Beason



 104 S. Hayne St.

Greg & Cindy McCotter

 This property is leased and is currently Closet Ministry at Southbrook.


 113 S. Main St.

Joe Beason

RW Price



 101 S. Hayne St.

Mark Wright



 109 S. Hayne St.

John Ashcraft

 This property is current K Wigs Beauty Supply.


 213 N. Main St.

John Wiggins




for visitors

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Downtown Car Cruise Ins are April - October at 6pm.
Music On Main are April - October at 6:30pm.






for residents

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for business'

The North Carolina Capital Access Program (NC-CAP) will work with banks and other eligible financial institutions to create capital opportunities for entrepreneurs who might not otherwise qualify for financing.

Business Link North Carolina also provides an access point to services and other offerings provided by state-supported agencies.
Please take advantage of these opportunities if you are looking to start a business.
The City of Monroe also has incentives that we offer to qualifying business owners. 
Please research our site to see if you qualify.


for investors

Looking  for investment opportunity?  Downtown Monroe has an array of beautiful Historic Buildings for sale and/or lease.  Take a look at some of the properties that we have listed, and call for incentive questions TODAY!